Leah in the latest Eick video blog

Leah behind the scenes of season 4

Leah is among the cast and crew who're making fun of "Bionic Woman" and Eick's double job in the latest edition of Eick's official BSG video blogs. Given that BW has long since been cancelled, the material must be pretty old, though.

Check it out
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Racetrack music video - Nobody Knows

Song: Nobody Knows
Artist: Pink
Vidder: sabaceanbabe
Focus: Margaret “Racetrack” Edmondson
File type and size: 24.4mb avi
Originally posted to: The Official Leah Cairns website
Vidder's notes: Thank you to marlisda for the nudge needed to get this started and for suggestions while I was working on the vid and big thanks go to inlovewithnight and fahrbotdrusilla for the beta. :)

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fic: Almost Like Home (just short of NC-17)

Title: Almost Like Home
Author: sabaceanbabe
Rating: just this side of NC-17
Word count: 2,000+
Pairing: Helo/Maggie, mention of Helo/Sharon
Warnings: spoilers through Final Cut
Summary: If a man is the sum of his experiences, then Thetis Agathon wouldn't recognize her little boy now.
Author's note: Written for romanticalgirl for the 2nd annual Helo Shagathon. I couldn't decide between the prompts (Helo/Maggie, dress blues. Can be sex, can be not. I'm easy and Helo gen, alone in a crowd), so I wrote 'em both. Thank you, lizardbeth_j for the beta and lyssie for the commiseration and hand-holding. And I gotta say, Sharon has really messed up this boy's head! I had to get him drunk and depressed for him to even think about anyone else. :P


Almost Like Home

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