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There are always...possibilities...

(Spoiler warning!!!)

There are always...possibilities...

First off, I'd like to say I was happy in the end that Maggie was the one that got to be the BIG DAMN HERO of the series...afterall, she wiped out more Cylons at one time than we've ever seen, ended the war, and was responsible for triggering the Galactica's jump to Earth... Sooo...she saved the ENTIRE Human race, AND helped find Earth as we always figured she would. I think she'd be proud...

BUT, as we saw, the last we saw her, she was floating adrift in space, *more than likely* already where's her happy ending??? ACTUALLY...she's got several possible "finales" that we can all take away with us despite whatever the "canon" ending might be...(and as a K/L shipper...I've got no problem with that...:()

Here they are...consider them all free plot bunnies as gifts to everybody here that stuck with our girl Racterack to the very end...or beginning...;)

Alive- (Unlikely in canon, BUT, Lee ran out of air in space and managed to be IS our fandom afterall...;)

She's shocked awake by the light/shock from the blast and *just* manages to somehow miraculously jump her bird back to the main fleet. She's barely alive, but always a fighter, and she's saved by Cottle. She takes time to recover but eventually gets back on her feet and makes it Earth where she begins her new life...and certain characters are still free, so imagine what you will...hee...


She never makes it out but is pulled into the Black Hole into an escape orbit that flings her out (and somehow brings her and her crew back to life) and she winds up crashlanding on a strange new Blue Green world...OUR present day Earth. They can be captured by the military or simply sneak into Human society, but she begins a new life as one of us...and this can be MUCH FUN if she meets up with AU versions of people she knew in the fleet...great for shipping her, too...

Dead- (Most likely, but as we've seen too often in BSG to ignore...death is only a new beginning...;)

She crosses the River (or however you want to imagine she ends up on the "Other Side") and is reunited with her family and other great lost characters from the journey and discovers the true nature of the universe that they're all a part of. This is also great for doing Elysium PilotBabies fic with any crossed over character you can think of...heeheehee...


She reappears the same as Kara did to the fleet, but on Earth, being an instrument of God to watch over the new world as a "Goddess" to make sure things go right this time around... She can also be "immortal" and exist throughout history into our time, all the while watching over and saving Humanity just like she did as a "Mortal" for the fleet

Take any or all of these you guys want!!! I'm sure there's even more possibilities, and that the best Trackfic is still yet to come...:)

I'd also like to take this op to give a HUGE THANKS to Leah for bringing her character to life for us all this while. She just wouldn't be the same as anyone else... So thanks so much for all you gave to your fans, Leah!!! We PROMISE you that Maggie will fly on in fic forever on!!!


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