astralis (_astralis) wrote in not_a_frak_up,

Spoilers for 'the Oath' and 'Blood on the Scales' under the cut.

I was reading an interview with Michael Angeli, who wrote 'Blood on the Scales' and he made an interesting comment regarding cut material: Oh my God, you could assemble another episode from all the stuff we had to lose... Almost all of Racetrack’s story is pretty much gone. There's a hint that we may see some of the cut scenes on the DVD. (The interview is here.)

So most of Maggie's scenes from this ep ended up on the cutting room floor - okay, that explains a lot. I felt from last week's ep that they were setting her up for something, between Skulls being shot and the way the camera kept going back to her during Lee's almost-assassination. I'd expected her to have a similiar arc to what Kelly had - struggling with her involvement in the mutiny, and eventually going over to Adama's side.

So, who else is gutted that we got Kelly over Maggie? What's everyone else's theories on what her role in this ep might have been? And who else needs for those scenes to make the DVD?
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