summer smile, winter eyes (summer_smile) wrote in not_a_frak_up,
summer smile, winter eyes

Hoo boy.

Okay, I'm sure I'm not the only one whose head is kind of spinning after watching "The Oath".

I'm trying to fanwank myself around our girl standing by and letting Zarek brain Laird. Skulls is blocking her face in the reaction shot, and I wonder if that's on purpose?

I can see the hesitation on her face during the Lee/gun scene, but that quickly becomes anger once Starbuck comes in and mows down Skulls.

I think, until Skulls was shot (and maybe even after? maybe it was just anger that this coup/mutiny had gone so far), she was possibly considering flipping sides. That this was going to be more of a bloodless thing, like when she smuggled Elle Prez off the Galactica in S2. I mean, Roslin talked her way around an armed marine, with no injuries. Why should she think that the awesome, unarmed, back-turned Laird was going to buy it?

It makes sense she's involved on Gaeta's side, given her past vehemence about Cylons, and from witnessing the aftermath of "The Face of the Enemy" webisodes, but still. Laird? Lee? What?

If anyone has ANY spoilers about what's going on with her character, please, please, email them to me or whatever? Please?

I can wait on everything else, but it's kind of killing me that Mags has gone dark-side. I don't mean by choosing to act in this coup (because, honestly, I think their hearts were in the right place, but their execution made them lose the high ground), but by standing passively by and watched one good man murdered and another with a gun to his head...

Please? :)
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